Tips for young drivers

Being a new driver marks an exciting time for teenagers. The ability to drive equates to freedom and independence. It is very important for new drivers to be aware of the responsibility and risk that also comes with driving. is a helpful resource for young and new drivers. The site provides beneficial driving tips geared toward young drivers, as well as their parents and teachers. A few pointers are outlined below.

  1. Small habits make a huge difference: wear your seatbelt, adjust your mirrors properly, use your turn signals, always check over your shoulders before turning and pulling into traffic, and maintain a safe speed.
  1. Practice makes perfect: familiarize yourself with your vehicle, and start off taking short trips – increasing your driving distances gradually over time.
  1. Awareness is critical: be attentive to the other cars around you at all times, start off driving without any passengers in order limit distractions, and wait until you are more experience to start driving at night.


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