What should I do after an accident?

Here are some tips for dealing with the aftermath of an accident.
-Do not drive your car if it is unsafe. If you can safely drive your vehicle, bring it to Wren’s Body Shop as soon as possible.

-If you cannot operate your car, truck or SUV, call us and we can tow your vehicle.

-Remember that you have the right to go to the repair shop of your choice. Your insurance company or the other drivers insurance cannot require you to go to a particular repair shop.

-Differences in repair estimates are common. It is your vehicle, you deserve the highest quality repairs. Read the fine print and consider carefully before you accept the lowest repair estimate.

I need my car back ASAP. How can you get me back on the road?

Once we devise your estimate, it is approved and you authorize us to begin work, we will set up a time line and let you know when your vehicle will be ready. It may take a few days in order to deliver the best work. If you need to get back on the road before then, we will be happy to set up a rental car for you, and in many cases can communicate with your insurance company to handle the payment.

Do you charge for estimates?

No. We provide free estimates as a courtesy to our customers. Get your Free Estimate now.  free-estimate

My insurance company recommended you to me. What happens next?

The next step is to bring your car in for an estimate. If the car is able to be driven, you can drive it in or we have towing capabilities to get your vehicle here. From there, we will conduct a thorough inspection and write up a comprehensive estimate for your insurance company. Our professionals will also submit the report to your insurance company and notify you once it has been approved. Then, with your approval, we will begin working on your vehicle, giving you a time line for completion and sticking to it.

How do I know that I am getting the best service?

At Wren’s Body Shop, we know what we’re doing and consistently offer the very best customer service. Our technicians also continue their education in the automotive arena, consistently learning about the latest innovations in body repair. The technicians here are I–CAR trained and ASE Certified. These credentials ensure that you get quality repairs by knowledgeable automotive professionals.

Can you communicate with my insurance company to work out the details?

Absolutely. We take care of the estimate and notify you when the vehicle can go in for service. Most times, the insurance company will pay us directly so you don’t have to worry about payment. You will likely have to pay a deductable depending on your insurance. Contact us today to learn more about the process.

Are the repairs guaranteed?

Yes. We provide a written guarantee of workmanship and a lifetime warranty on all auto body repairs and painting.