Auto body color match technology

Auto body color match technology

is the process by which the individual paint color of a vehicle is determined, matched, and recreated in order to repair damages to a car’s paint job. Accomplishing a flawless color match and seamless paint repair job requires the use of technology, as well as skilled auto body technicians.

The Science:

Automotive paint colors are formulated and labeled with color codes. Frequently, color codes will have variants (differentiated by batch shade, or even various paint supplier used by the manufacturer). Paint color codes can be identified via computerized color match systems.

The Art:

Although a paint color code can be identified via a computerized color match technology system, the vast number of code variants result in slight color match imperfections. Temperature, humidity, air pressure, and substrate composition can also create nebulous distinctions between colors. In order to create a seamless finish, experienced auto body technicians use a “blend” paint application technique: applying paint to the damaged surface, and gradually blending the color into surrounding panels and areas.

Wren’s Body Shop executes seamless paint repair jobs for all makes and models of car. We operate a state-of-the-art computerized color match system combined with the skills and experience of our technicians to ensure an undetectable paint repair.

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